June 1, 2017- "DETERMINATION"

One of my favorite phrases to use when I am training clients is “It’s you vs. you!” It sounds silly, but how true is this? How many times have you thought to yourself “there is no WAY I can do this” but then in the next breath tell yourself “ok,

just hold on for 10 more seconds. Now 10 more…Now…Wow, I did it…I made it!” We are all capable of so much more than we think we are, we just need to turn the negativity in our mind off, and channel it into a positive way of thinking that will have us focused with laser like intensity on the task at hand. This, my friends, is called determination. We all have it in us, but it is up to you to find it, feed it, and unleash it on your goals.

The first key to utilizing your determination, is to realize that determination comes from within. Nobody can be determined FOR you. You need to want to achieve your goal more than anyone else does, if you want to have a prayer at using determination to your advantage. Once you have the ability to reflect that the only thing standing between you and your goals is YOU, you are now ready to start using determination to your advantage,

In the beginning, when things are comfortable, all paths towards our goals are smoothly paved, with very few bumps along the way. However, somewhere along the way, we are likely to hit some bumps and pot holes. Think of determination as your “indestructible tire”. When you don’t have the ability to utilize determination, the second you hit a bump, you will get a flat tire and fizzle out. When you are determined, you will have the ability to sustain those bumps, and continue on your journey.

Determination is also a powerful tool to use because once you discover it, feed it, and develop it, it is yours forever, and it only becomes a bigger and bigger part of the steps you take to reach your goals. Once you have faced pain, discomfort, and adversity, looked it dead in the eye, and powered through using determination, there is literally no “high” out there than can match that. When, through determination, you are able to conquer your fears, reach your goals, and achieve your dreams, the sense of confidence, empowerment, and pride will forever change your outlook on life, whether that is in business, in the gym, or any other difficult, uncomfortable circumstance.

The next time you are in a challenging, uncomfortable situation, don’t immediately look for something, or someone, on the OUTSIDE to bail you out. Look INSIDE and discover the solution to the adverse situation that you find yourself in. Refuse to let doubt enter your mind, find the strength within yourself to rise up to the occasion, and unleash the determination monster that you have been feeding inside of you. It sure as hell, won’t be easy, but you tell me….what in this life that is GREAT, comes easy?

Matt Phelps,
Metabolic Meltdown

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Live DJ Classes

March 25, 2017- "Live DJ Classes"

Back by popular demand, Metabolic Meltdown is excited to announce "pop-up", live DJ Classes. The classes will be held on Saturdays, in the afternoon, at a rotating location with different trainers each time.

On the week of the class, we will announce the location and time with a link to reserve your spot. There will be 42 available slots and they will be available on first come, first serve basis. The classes are for current clients only and cost a $10 fee that we will add to your right to your account.

Adding a live DJ to a Metabolic workout gives it that little extra “twist” of fun, and mixes things up for you! We are excited offer this to our clients to see your response.

Please stay tuned to our social media channels for the first class information.

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The Power of the Human Bond.

March 17, 2017- "The Power of the Human Bond"

Whenever we are in an adverse situation, it always helps to have a friend at your side, and fitness is no different. Whether it be a workout alongside your peers, your spouse, your sibling, or your best friend, the unspoken bond of enduring an adverse situation with this significant other is one of the most powerful emotions that we can experience as human beings. Working out with those we care about is FUN; it bonds us, connects us, and brings out the best in all of us.

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The Bond

December 22, 2016- "The Bond"

Working out is not just a physical experience. It is not just about building muscle, burning fat, and getting stronger. Sure, all of these things are great, and for most of us, compose our conscious reasoning for working out in the first place. But I would like to focus on the power that working out in a group, and particular, working out in a Metabolic training group, has on us from a mental, emotional, and dare I say, spiritual point of view.

From the dawn of time, when human beings endured an adverse situation as a collective unit, it has bonded them. From cavemen slaying a Wooly Mammoth in order to eat, soldiers bonding in a time of war, or athletes competing together on the same team, when people enter that adverse situation, and come out of it together, there are bonds that form that become very, very strong.

Metabolic training forms these bonds, because combining strength training with cardio exercises, all done with minimal rest, is not easy. Is going through a Metabolic workout like being in an actual battle? Of course not, I wouldn’t wish the horrors of war on anyone. However, the bond formed, and the reason we form it, is paralleled to the situations soldiers find themselves in, on a much smaller scale. When we conduct our metabolic workouts, we are all working out for time under tension, in harmony, in unison, as one. That is how I came up with our tagline : “One workout. One family. One goal.”

The bond is unspoken, and many of our clients may not even consciously realize that they experience it, but it is there, there is no denying that. I know it is there, because the feeling of accomplishing a Metabolic workout is euphoric. You can literally see people who were uptight, stressed, or in a bad mood, have their entire mood swing after a workout. They laugh, they smile, they socialize. They are different beings altogether. I am a huge believer in the physical results that Metabolic training produces, but the mental , emotional, and spiritual evolvement that our clients experience is what takes our sessions from being a “workout” to being “an experience”.

If you have never tried working out in a group before, or are intimidated by it, don’t be. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of “what will people think”, “what if everyone is watching me”, or “what if I can’t keep up”, shift your mindset to center on the positive experiences that you get to be a part of. You will be a part of a team. You will make new friends. You will become closer to old friends. You will experience the euphoria of facing your fear and conquering it. There is no judgment on our team, just unconditional support and understanding of what it is like to do a Metabolic workout. If there is judgment on any team you are on, or group you are a part of, then that is not the group for you.

Leave your comfort zone. Face your fears. Experience the serenity, happiness, and fulfillment that group training can provide.

- Matt Phelps

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Holiday Weight Gain

December 20, 2016- "HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN"

With Christmas right around the corner, it is tempting to just say “forget this dieting thing” and throw all caution to the wind, stuff our faces, and just say “I’ll start January 2”. Though it is understandable, DO NOT make that mistake, as you will most likely gain 5-10 pounds of fluff that could have been otherwise avoided by following these simple steps. Try doing these things M-F this week, and you will be able to have your cake and eat it too this weekend!

1. Drink one gallon of water per day. Not only do we need water to survive, but we need it to perform optimally during our workouts. Water also will make you less hungry, which is a major key to any diet!
2. Eat lots of lean protein and green veggies. Do not shy away from healthy portions of lean protein and green veggies, as they will give you a lot of “bang for your caloric buck” when it comes to feeling full and satisfied. When you are full and satisfied, you will be less likely to cheat.
2. Limit fruits to 1-2 servings per day. Fruit is an excellent source of micronutrients and fiber, but too much fruit can add unnecessary calories and sugar to your diet. Since we plan on having plenty of calories and sugar this weekend, lets try and limit that during the week!
3. Sweat everyday. While you should be sweating everyday anyways, if you want to indulge this weekend, you should break a sweat DAILY. This could be through metabolic training, traditional strength training, cardio, basketball, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or dancing to hits of the 90’s…it doesn’t really matter, but you need to sweat it out so we can burn plenty of calories.
4. Earn your starches. I am not recommending that you avoid starches this week, but EARN them. Always have a starch (oats) with breakfast, but only have one more serving of healthy complex carbs (potatoes, rice, oats) IF you broke a sweat that day. Ladies, make sure the carb serving is 100-150 calories worth, gentlemen, make sure the carb serving is 150-250 calories worth.
5. Limit your healthy fats. Do not AVOID healthy fats, but limit them to 2 servings per day. For example, a thumb sized amount of peanut butter is one, or lean ground beef is another. Use common sense, if you are a small woman, have a small amount, if you are a larger male, you may have a larger portion size. Think 2 eggs for a small woman, 4 eggs for a large man, etc.
6. Try Intermittent Fasting (IF). I love breakfast, and you don’t need to give it up, but try eating it LATER. By doing so, you will consume fewer calories, get your mind off of food, and prevent constant surges in insulin throughout the day. More mental focus, clarity, and energy are also nice side effects. You don’t need to fast for very long at first. Start with waiting 2-3 hours to eat Meal #1, and see if you can wait 4-6 hours over time.
7. Drink alcohol, but be smart. Do not avoid precious social situations during the week, but be smart about it. Wine, light beer, and clear liquor over egg nog. 2-3 drinks during the week, not 6-7 and then a midnight raid on the fridge!

So there you have it! By following these tips and tricks, you should be able to limit any damage from Holiday eating by containing your bouts of over eating to the actual holidays themselves!

Happy Holidays, and be sure to eat, drink, and be merry this weekend!

- Matt Phelps

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Slow It Down

December 19, 2016- "SLOW IT DOWN"

Slow it down

I was lucky, when I was first introduced to strength training, I learned from a practitioner of High Intensity Training (HIT), which greatly benefited me in a couple different ways. I quickly learned about the power of metabolic training, and the efficiency of strength training with limited rest periods. I fell in love with the results I saw with my own body, and the mental challenge I needed to exert just to make it through these grueling workouts. To all my clients, you can thank my days spent applying High Intensity Training to many of the “tricks” and techniques I apply in our Metabolic workouts today. While my introduction to Metabolic training was super beneficial, I also learned about the importance of time under tension, safe strength training, and controlling the negative, or eccentric portion of each lift.

I have a phrase I use with my trainers at the gym all of the time when I am educating them on how to instruct proper exercise technique, and it goes something like this “people who use proper form, and control the weights they use, look like they lift. People who throw weights around, lack time under tension, and do a lot of ‘ego lifting, typically do NOT look like they lift.” I have found this statement to be SO true. Our muscles will grow and get stronger by putting them UNDER TENSION. If you do not control the eccentric portion of each lift, then you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to place the muscle under tension for a few more seconds than it otherwise would have.

I heard a great quote once, “When trying to build muscle and strength, you should ‘lift’ the weight to have the OPPORTUNITY to get a good, controlled eccentric portion of the rep.” Think about this. It makes a ton of sense to me, and I think if you apply it to your training you can shift your mind to work both portions of the rep, which are obviously both very valuable.

One of the reasons we lift for time under tension at Metabolic is because THAT IS WHAT MATTERS when it comes down to getting stronger, building muscle, and getting the most out of your training. When we do a strength training exercise for :30, if the goal is to build muscle and get stronger, you should use the most weight you can use WITH PROPER FORM, while keeping the muscle under constant tension for that time period. It is not to see how many reps you can bang out in :15, get all flustered, rest for :05, bang out a few more spazzy reps for :07, and then rest early. If you find yourself doing this, I don’t blame you, I know it is simply because you lack the knowledge that I am sharing with you today. Your body does not know how much weight your lifting, your body simply knows it needs to adapt to an imposed demand; if the demand is crap, then your results will be too.

Perhaps the most important reason to lift with controlled negatives under moderately heavy loads is safety. If you can control a weight for :30-:45, with constant tension, slow negatives, and an explosive concentric, then odds you are going to use a load that you can safely handle. The joint stress of ballistic, uncontrolled lifting is tremendous, and while there are certain movements where this is ok (i.e. kettlebell swings), there are others where there could be negative ramifications. If you are in this game for the long haul, you are best served to slow it down on your strength movements.

If you are frustrated by the development of a certain muscle group, or always feel weak in a certain range of motion, leave your ego at the door, lower the weight, slow it down, and FEEL the muscle working. Your joints will thank you, your muscles will be optimally developed, and you will look like you strength train on a regular basis. Try it out for your next Metabolic workout or Strength Training session, and let me know!

- Matt Phelps

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December 15, 2016- "HABITS"

We are all creatures of habit. One of the major keys to success in fitness is to form patterns of behavior that build consistency. With consistency comes results. Whether you are trying to perform better pushups, lose body fat, or build muscle, your results are only going to be as good as the effort you put in on a consistent, day to day basis. Here are some keys to help you build consistency, both in the kitchen, and in the gym!

1. Establish a meal pattern….and stick to it. Whether you like to eat, 1,3,5, or 9 meals per day, we now know that meal frequency is irrelevant when it comes to losing body fat, but rather it is total macro nutrient intake over the course of a period of time that will cause you to lose, maintain, or gain weight in the form of body fat. Find the number of meals that works best for YOU, and make a golden rule that you STICK to those meal times. Let’s say that you are a 2 meal a day, kind of person, with an apple mid afternoon. On a higher calorie day, don’t head to the diner for the tall stack, have a pop tart before lunch, down a number 2 during lunch, and munch on Doritos all afternoon. While this admittedly sounds glorious, and like a lot of fun, remember, you are a “2 Meal and 1 Snack” kind of person. Have your typical first meal, follow it up with your apple, and have a fun dinner.

2. Treat your gym attendance like your job. I am very busy guy, but NOTHING gets in the way of my workouts. If I plan on working out on that day, it is anchored in stone, and I do not let anything interfere with that. I actually consider it to be a part of my job, and you should too! . If you have a hectic schedule, plan to work out early in the morning on that day, or later in the evening. If this is not an option, plan out 3 gym sessions a week at a designated time, and then do not let anything interfere with that.Do not make appointments, do not go meet friends, do not do anything other than workout at your designated time. This is why I am a big fan of clients working out at the same time everyday; it builds consistency with your workout routine, and that consistency is what will allow you to see lots of progress in the gym.

3. Avoid “trigger” foods entirely. Nobody likes to openly talk about it, but we ALL have “trigger foods” that lead us to bouts of uncontrolled overeating. Maybe for you its potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, or gummy bears. For me, its Vanilla Chex. I do not eat Vanilla Chex unless I am really treating myself, because for me, a moderate portion is not possible, I can easily put down a box. . Unless it is my birthday, a special occasion, or a celebration of a fitness goal, I do not consume Vanilla Chex. So what should you do instead? Choose something that is SIMILAR to provide your brain with the pleasure of the food you think you want, with the fuel you actually need. Instead of the bowl of vanilla chex, I try to opt for a bowl of oatmeal with apples and Splenda. Just as satisfying, and it prevents me from overeating by 1000 calories. Get in the HABIT of making good choices based on your tendencies, and your waist line will thank you.

So there you have it, 3 simple tips that you can implement IMMEDIATELY in order to see the fruits of your labor in the gym.

Have at it!

- Matt Phelps

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When I am teaching Metabolic classes, I often find myself in a whirlwind of activity, correcting form, motivating clients, cracking wry jokes, and running around the room like a chicken with its head cut off. I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way. When I am training our coaches to lead classes, we implement two different types of motivational techniques in our coaching; individual, and group. Individual motivation is tied directly to one person, i.e. “come on Joe, get one more for me!”. Group motivation is a technique we use to provide a spark, a bit of energy, and some encouragement to the whole group. A lot of times, when I am projecting my group motivation, it is completely subconscious. I often do not know what I am about to say, and almost never rehearse it. Sometimes stuff just comes out. One of the group motivation phrases that I found myself saying a lot was “There are no results in the comfort zone!”

Our bodies are incredibly adaptive machines; if you do not give it a reason to change, it will not change. Here are several ways to “leave your comfort zone” in your Metabolic workouts, and enter the land of results.

Increase the load. Arguably the easiest way to leave your comfort zone is to increase the amount of weight that you use during the strength movements in the workout. I say this with great caution though, because although it is the easiest method to implement, it is the hardest one to implement PROPERLY. Moving up in load, while sacrificing mechanical tension, range of motion, and safe exercise technique is a sure fire way to not only see a lack of progress, but also attain some nagging aches and pains along the way. How do you know if you should move up in load? As a coach, I look for rep speed. If you are churning out reps on a kettlebell goblet squat like a piston on an engine, then it is time to challenge yourself a bit more. If your reps are “grinding”, resembling a slow ascent up Mt. Everest, resting for 7-10 seconds between reps, or are fatiguing before the allotted time has passed, then you are best served to keep the load there until you can better handle it, or get smoother reps.

Use constant tension. For years, when I strength trained and got “10 reps”, I prided myself on increasing the weight, and grinding away at “10 reps” with the new load, convincing myself I was getting stronger. In actuality, I was number chasing, because I wasn’t doing “10 reps” I was doing 10 sets of 1 rep. In the context of Metabolic training, doing DB Floor Presses with 40 or 80 pound dumbbells, resting/deep breathing between reps, sacrificing form, just to “say you did it” is a far cry from executing pristine reps with a controlled eccentric (lowering), explosive concentric (lifting) and no rest at the end point of the range of motion before beginning the next rep. Will this burn more? Yes. Will it be much harder? Yes. Will you see improvements in muscular development and strength? Absolutely.

On your cardio exercises, hold yourself to a “standard” number of reps. Want to make Metabolic workouts more challenging, and uncomfortable? When doing Mt. Climbers for :40, count your reps on the first set. Did you get 20? 30? 100? Try to beat the number within the same time on the next time. By holding yourself to a standard, and refusing to stay within your comfort zone, you will improve your level of cardiovascular fitness, and burn tons of calories as well!

Use a FULL range of motion. Quarter squats, half reps on presses, and a lack of full extension on rows never got anyone stronger. Sure, you can use more weight, but when you strip it down, WHY are you not going all the way down, using a full range of motion? Because you can’t, you aren’t STRONG enough. Please note, I am not talking about mobility restrictions, I am talking about a conscious effort to not utilize a full range of motion due to the fact that the load is too heavy. By using a full range of motion, you will not use as heavy of a load, which is easier on the connective tissue and joints, and you will actually ENGAGE the muscles you are trying to engage…and isn’t that the whole point? Leave your comfort zone, and in the words of our very own Rhakeem Wiggins, “get that THANG down!”

“Get that THANG down!”

So there you have it, 4 sure fire way to leave your comfort zone, get more out of your training, and take your fitness level to places it has never been! All aboard the pain train, we are leaving the land of comfort, and are on our way to make some gains!

- Matt Phelps

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Celebrity Cruise

October 17, 2016- Celebrity Cruise and Metabolic Meltdown


We are pleased to announce a business partnership between Metabolic Meltdown and Celebrity Cruises! It is is through this relationship that Metabolic Meltdown will promote wellness and fitness to Celebrity employees both on AND off the cruise ship. In fact, Metabolic Meltdown has already teamed up with Celebrity to create X-Fit, an employee wellness opportunity where Celebrity employees get fitness and nutritional advice from Metabolic Meltdown training staff thorough a private Facebook page.

On November 12, Metabolic Meltdown Head Trainers Lynsey Ciraulo (Clifton Park) and Drew Smith (Green Island) will be joining over 300 Celebrity employees on board the Celebrity Summit cruise. This cruise will depart from Puerto Rico as the Celebrity Cruise employees set sail for their Global Sales Conference, and explore the Caribbean islands for one week. While on the ship, Drew and Lynsey will provide fitness and wellness advice in the forms of one on one consultations, speaking engagements, and of course, offering our famous Metabolic Meltdown workouts while out at sea.


We are excited to team up with such a tremendous, national brand like Celebrity Cruise Lines, and are hopeful for this relationship to grow over time. Can you imagine being able to go on vacation and have your beloved Metabolic Meltdown workout come along with you? I know we can and we look forward to this potential opportunity as our relationship grows.

Please follow our social media channels for updates on Metabolic Meltdown and Celebrity Cruise lines.

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Apps and Tags!

August 29, 2016- Apps and Tags!


We would like to take this opportunity thank you for your continued support here at Metabolic Meltdown, and make an exciting announcement that will enhance your experience as a valued member of our “fit fam.”

Effective Monday, September 12, 2016, all members of Metabolic Meltdown locations will “scan in” upon entering the facility, prior to class. As we have grown, we have refrained from strictly regulating or limiting what classes you can or cannot attend, we have never required you to pre register online, and we have never once turned someone away from participating in a class.

In order to keep the “family” feel of our business intact, and also efficiently operate a rapidly growing business, we feel as though the scan system is a “win win” for you, the client, and Metabolic Meltdown.

Starting Thursday, (September 1st), each member will be provided an envelope containing a key chain tag AND instructions on how to download a mobile app to be used when entering the facility (this can be used instead of the key tag). The envelopes will be placed in alphabetical order for you to pickup at your convenience. This will be for the Green Island and Clifton Park locations as Colonie clients should have their cards already.

Starting Monday September 12th, at all front desks there will be a scanner, which will allow you to simply walk in, scan your tag (or phone), and proceed into the facility. The beautiful part is that in addition to using the tag to sign in, you can use it to purchase apparel, water, etc… Simply tell our staff what you want, we will scan your card, and it will go against your card on file.  We have allowed a week and half for you to pick up your tag and try out the app. In that time if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff.

We would like to take this time to kindly remind you that there is $10 drop in fee for current members at facilities that are not at their “home” location. This scanning system will allow us to efficiently track and bill non members, and allow you, the client, the opportunity to charge your visit to your account.

In addition to this, the mobile app has several VERY cool features:

1.) Social Medial Check Ins- Right on the homepage of the app there is a check in sign to help you let the world know how your Metabolic Meltdown workout went! Also, right under the barcode when you check into the gym there is a button to share your “Check In” on social media.

2.) Notifications- The app allows Metabolic Meltdown employees to send messages out to clients directly to their phone.  In case of time changes, or gym closings, etc.. we can push them right to your phone!

3.) Barcode- The app has a built in barcode, which you may use as your mechanism to scan in.  

4.) Contact and Hours- You can access our gym hours and contact information by pushing the button on the homepage.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of something that is so much more than “a gym” to all of us, and we are excited to continue to improve. We strongly believe “you are either getting better or you are getting worse,” and we will ALWAYS strive to make your experience here better with each passing year.

In Strength,

Matt Phelps

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