THE Metabolic Podcast- Episode 10: "Health Benefits of Kindness"

Episode 10- "Health Benefits of Kindness"

Ok, so today’s show I will discuss a topic that has been on mind in light of some recent events in our news....kindness and anger. In particular, how does being kind or angry affect out health. We all know that some people are just more kind than others, and want we wanted to do on todays show is talk about how being kind or being angry can affect our health and longevity. Being kind doesn't just make us feel good emotionally, it actually has numerous, scientifically documented benefits for our health. Turns out being kind isn't just something we should do because it makes us and others feels good, being kind makes us live a longer, healthier life. I hope you enjoy this quick show and am really looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback!

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THE Metabolic Podcast- Episode 09: "Yoga" ft. Sabrina Bonauito

Episode 09- "Yoga" ft. Sabrina Bonauito

Ok, so today’s show is focused on ways to help us mentally, unplug, and get more in tune, or one with our self, and one of the methods people are turning to nowadays is Yoga.. To help us understand a bit more about Yoga, who can do yoga, what it is, etc.. we have certified yoga instructor, or a Yogi as they are called, Sabrina Bonauito here to talk to us. Before the interview we discuss what the mental, scientific benefits of Yoga are as it relates to stress. We talk about the "long-game" behind Yoga and how it is designed to teach and train our brains to not make normally occurring, every day things stressful. Our brain is built to be on guard and protect us from uncomfortable situations by initiating a stress response. But sometime, being uncomfortable is OK, and we have to train our brain that is OK, and not allow it to turn into stress. It's a really fascinating discussion and we hope you enjoy the show!

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THE Metabolic Podcast- Episode 08: "Cardio" ft. Matt Phelps

Episode 08- "Cardio" ft. Matt Phelps

On today’s show we will be talking “Cardio” as it relates to fitness and working out. Cardio is a term we hear a lot in the world of fitness, and typically when it is mentioned, we immediately think of treadmills,stair masters, and running a mile. But, Cardio does not in fact mean any of that, and, running on a treadmill is not the only, or the most efficient way I might add, of getting cardiovascularly fit. To debunk some of the myths of “Cardio” exercises, we will bring back on the show, certified personal trainer Matt Phelps to talk some cardio and a new way all of us get more cardiovascularly fit from the comfort of our own home. For more information visit Click Here.

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THE Metabolic Podcast- Episode 07: "Courage" ft. Kevin Flike

Episode 07- "Courage" ft. Kevin Flike

On today’s show we discuss a topic that will resonate with every human...courage. To begin the show we discuss the definition of courage and talk in general about what courage means, and how courage to different people can mean different things. After a quick introduction, we bring on an exceptional guest, Mr. Kevin Flike, to talk about his experiences in life, war, and business and how courage guided him throw his near death experience. Upon graduation college, Kevin enlisted in the United States Army and volunteered for Special Forces training. After two years of training, he earned the coveted Green Beret and was assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group in Fort Lewis, Washington where he deployed to the Philippines, Thailand and twice to Afghanistan. On September 25, 2011 during his second deployment to Afghanistan, he was shot in the lower abdomen. He had 20% of his colon removed, a fractured hip, a damaged femoral nerve, six surgeries and over 40 inches of scars. Kevin medically retired on September 27th, 2013 and eventually received a dual masters degrees from the MIT Sloan School of Management (Masters of Business Administration) and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Masters of Public Administration) Kevin is currenlty a Associate - Investment Management Division at Goldman Sachs. Kevin embodies the term "courage" and hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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Saturday Schedule

August 1, 2017- "Saturday Schedule Change

Dear Fit Fam,

We would like to inform you that Saturday, September 2 will be the last Saturday class offered on our schedule at Metabolic Meltdown. This does NOT mean that this will be the last chance for you to workout on Saturdays at Metabolic Meltdown, it simply means that Saturday classes will no longer be included on our schedule. This was not an easy decision for us to make, but one that we are certain is in the best interest of our training staff and, and ultimately dictates the quality of the workout experience that you, as clients, receive.

It is important that Metabolic Meltdown trainers perform at their highest level, day in and day out. The more energy they give, the more you as clients receive. We would like to ensure that our staff receives sufficient rest and afford them the ability to enjoy life outside the gym, visit their families back home, attend continuing education events, etc. We want our trainers and staff to build a relationship with all of you over the long term, to see you through all of the goals you have set. With no mandatory Saturday classes we can redistribute those hours to classes during the week, allowing us to have more trainers on the floor during a weekday class. By increasing the trainer:client ratio, there will be more opportunities for challenging, educating, and giving you more “hands-on” personal training during the workouts.

We realize that some of our clients really enjoy working out 6 days a week and coming to Metabolic Meltdown on Saturdays. As a solution, we are going to allow the trainers the option to offer “Special Saturday” classes, at the location and time of their choice, with one other trainer. The class will be a universal $10 drop in fee for all clients and the trainers will be compensated for this extra time. What’s really exciting is for those clients who like working with certain trainers, you will now have the ability to register for the class of your choice, in the location of your choice. For example, if you want to reunite with Will Harris and Lynsey Ciraulo in Clifton Park one Saturday, you can do so, or if you want to attend a Matt Phelps and Kelsey McDonald butt kicking in Saratoga, you can do that too.

Every Wednesday we will provide a link on our website and social media that will allow you to see and reserve your class. All classes will have a maximum of 42 clients with a minimum of two trainers.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and we look forward to continuing to provide an amazing community to be a part of, with the outstanding training staff you deserve.

In Strength,

Matt Phelps

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THE Metabolic Podcast- Episode 06: "Mind Power" ft. Deborah Hanlon

Episode 06- "Mind Power" ft. Deborah Hanlon

Welcome back for another episode. Ok so this should be a great episode that will focus on the power of the mind. On today's show we will speak to Deborah Hanlon, one of the coolest people my path has crossed with so far in life. Deborah is an intuitive medium...or as according to the definition I found, someone who uses his or her intuitive abilities to see the past, present, and future events of a person by tuning into the energy surrounding that. Deborah has turned this incredible ability into an amazing business where she not only taps into the energy of those who have passed for people, but also educates on how to be more present in one's everyday life by tapping into their own energy and pushing themselves past their mental limits. On the podcast today we will discuss the power of the mind and how all of us can better tap into our mind power.

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August 1, 2017- "Balance

Many of my macro clients are shocked at my response when I tell them my philosophy on tracking macros while on vacation: DON’T DO IT! You see, fitness is a LIFESTYLE, and while MOST of the time should be spent eating clean, tracking macros, or applying the habits your learned through a period of macro tracking, there ARE moments when tracking should just not apply: birthdays, major Holidays, vacations, etc. I always explain to my clients to look at it like this: so you gain a few pounds on a vacation… .most of it is water retention from a diet rich in sodium, alcohol, processed foods, etc. That weight will be gone within 7-14 days of returning from your trip AND you will have had all of the memories with your friends and family, mental relaxation, and break that we all need from time to time. Would it be better to restrict yourself, count macros, and take away from those experiences? I don’t know about you, but for me it isn’t worth it at all.

Fitness, and life, is about BALANCE. We work hard 90% of the time so that we can enjoy that 10% of fun, freedom, and indulgence. If you are always “100%” in ANY aspect of your life, you are inherently neglecting something else. That is no way to go through life. It saddens me when I see people go on extreme weight loss challenges, lose a ton of weight, and deprive themselves the entire time. I know that weight regain is inevitable because these folks have not learned to apply BALANCE to their lifestyle. When you have learned to “pick your spots” and can better apply that balance, you will be happier, more fulfilled, more enriched, and more likely to achieve your goals in the long run.

If you are busy with work, kids, etc, you don’t need to workout 6 days a week to see results. If you think this, or have that “100%” mindset, you will inevitably opt not to workout at all. What you need to do is workout 3 days a week, and spend time with your family, if that’s what it takes. Balance. You don’t need to give up cookies everyday for the rest of your life. Have a few on Saturday night. Balance. On your son’s birthday, if he is begging you to have pizza with him, have pizza with him. Balance. I hope ALL of you can take from this that the TRUE fitness lifestyle, the one that will allow you to remain fit, healthy, and happy for life, will revolve around BALANCE, and the ability to “have your cake and eat it too."

-Matt Phelps

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July 3, 2017- "Lifestyle"

4th of July weekend is a GREAT time to be an American. The barbecues, parties, ice cream cones, beers on the lake, family time, and relaxation all create lasting memories and valuable experiences with us all. While most Americans will not blink twice before reaching for another piece of Grandma’s “Red White and Blue” Cake, or digging into the cooler for another IPA, if you are “about that fit life” these social gatherings can be somewhat stressful. “How many calories are in that cake?” ”Should I really have beers when it is not my ‘cheat day’?” “ I wonder how many burpees I will have to do to burn off all the carbs in those chips I just ate?” These questions are normal, BUT do not fret, do not worry, do not stress; if you are truly about the “fit life”, if this is truly your lifestyle, then you really can “have your cake an eat it too.”

As a veteran Macro Coach, one of my biggest goals with my clients is NOT to have them lose 10 pounds, drop 2 dress sizes, or fit into a smaller suit. My BIGGEST goal, is undoubtedly to teach people the BALANCE they will HAVE to possess if they truly want to carry their newfound nutritional knowledge with them for life. I want to shape their lifestyle. I want to teach them how to “cheat” (although I hate this term, most people know what I mean by this, so I will use it)…I never, ever want my clients avoiding social situations, or boasting that they did not “cheat” last weekend. Whenever they tell me things like that, it saddens me. In fact, many of my macro clients can tell you that I MAKE them take a free meal each weekend. We get one shot at this beautiful thing called life. Ask yourself this: do you want to spend every single day in My Fitness Pal, or on your Apple Watch 24/7? I didn’t think so. Naturally, I am sure you are now asking yourself the million dollar question: “So how do I find that balance?”

When you go on vacation, don’t eat like a death row inmate granted a 12 hour pass at a mall food court. Instead, eat sensibly during the day, have some drinks, and have ONE fun meal at night. Is it your birthday? Sweet! No macros for you today! Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, your diet will be waiting for you tomorrow. Your son has a huge Little League game today? Go watch him, looks like your workout can wait until tomorrow. It is not the “10%” of the time decisions that will dictate our fitness goals. It is what we do 90% of the time that counts the most. 4th of July food and drinks will not derail you from your goals; the Tuesday night midnight cheesecake which turns into the Wednesday morning “I’ll start next week” donut run? Well, that WILL set you back, and is not a wise use of your limited moments of indulgence.

Fitness is a lifestyle, a journey, an art, a pursuit of consistency, NOT a pursuit of perfection. Choose your spots wisely when you choose to go off your diet, but PLEASE….go OFF your diet from time to time! What is the point of working so hard, and being so diligent 100% of the time, when you get to enjoy yourself 0% of the time? The funny thing is, the cookies taste better, the beer goes down smoother, and the family time is that much more special when you let loose and pull back because NOW you have embraced the “fit life” and married the consistent workouts and dietary routine with the occasional “days off” that make it all worth it.

Matt Phelps
Metabolic Meltdown

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June 1, 2017- "DETERMINATION"

One of my favorite phrases to use when I am training clients is “It’s you vs. you!” It sounds silly, but how true is this? How many times have you thought to yourself “there is no WAY I can do this” but then in the next breath tell yourself “ok,

just hold on for 10 more seconds. Now 10 more…Now…Wow, I did it…I made it!” We are all capable of so much more than we think we are, we just need to turn the negativity in our mind off, and channel it into a positive way of thinking that will have us focused with laser like intensity on the task at hand. This, my friends, is called determination. We all have it in us, but it is up to you to find it, feed it, and unleash it on your goals.

The first key to utilizing your determination, is to realize that determination comes from within. Nobody can be determined FOR you. You need to want to achieve your goal more than anyone else does, if you want to have a prayer at using determination to your advantage. Once you have the ability to reflect that the only thing standing between you and your goals is YOU, you are now ready to start using determination to your advantage,

In the beginning, when things are comfortable, all paths towards our goals are smoothly paved, with very few bumps along the way. However, somewhere along the way, we are likely to hit some bumps and pot holes. Think of determination as your “indestructible tire”. When you don’t have the ability to utilize determination, the second you hit a bump, you will get a flat tire and fizzle out. When you are determined, you will have the ability to sustain those bumps, and continue on your journey.

Determination is also a powerful tool to use because once you discover it, feed it, and develop it, it is yours forever, and it only becomes a bigger and bigger part of the steps you take to reach your goals. Once you have faced pain, discomfort, and adversity, looked it dead in the eye, and powered through using determination, there is literally no “high” out there than can match that. When, through determination, you are able to conquer your fears, reach your goals, and achieve your dreams, the sense of confidence, empowerment, and pride will forever change your outlook on life, whether that is in business, in the gym, or any other difficult, uncomfortable circumstance.

The next time you are in a challenging, uncomfortable situation, don’t immediately look for something, or someone, on the OUTSIDE to bail you out. Look INSIDE and discover the solution to the adverse situation that you find yourself in. Refuse to let doubt enter your mind, find the strength within yourself to rise up to the occasion, and unleash the determination monster that you have been feeding inside of you. It sure as hell, won’t be easy, but you tell me….what in this life that is GREAT, comes easy?

Matt Phelps,
Metabolic Meltdown

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Live DJ Classes

March 25, 2017- "Live DJ Classes"

Back by popular demand, Metabolic Meltdown is excited to announce "pop-up", live DJ Classes. The classes will be held on Saturdays, in the afternoon, at a rotating location with different trainers each time.

On the week of the class, we will announce the location and time with a link to reserve your spot. There will be 42 available slots and they will be available on first come, first serve basis. The classes are for current clients only and cost a $10 fee that we will add to your right to your account.

Adding a live DJ to a Metabolic workout gives it that little extra “twist” of fun, and mixes things up for you! We are excited offer this to our clients to see your response.

Please stay tuned to our social media channels for the first class information.

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