Meet Ashley

The trainers are a big part of the workout. They push you, they motivate you, they’re always there to assist you, they’re there for modifications but mainly to hold you accountable...

What is You Name and Occupation? My name is Ashley Tate. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been working out Metabolic Meltdown for about two years now. I currently work for the New York State Department of Health, I have a master’s in public health. It’s pretty much a nine to five job, I’m working at my desk so I come here either before work or after work.

Tell us About Your Fitness History. I’ve always been the type to workout. I was an athlete in high school and then throughout college. I maintained working out and then after college I started going to different gyms kind of working out on my own basically focusing on cardio. And then I kind of plateaued and stopped gaining a lot of strength. My friends kept telling me about Metabolic Meltdown and finally I decided to do the trial week and as soon as I tried it I was hooked.

How Would You Describe the Workout? What I love about the work out is that usually after a long day of work I am ready to do something physical but I also kind of want to destress from the day so I like the workouts because when I get here, I’m strictly focused on the workout and it pushes me mentally because every day it varies and I’m trying to accomplish my goal each day by tackling the workout.

How are The Metabolic Trainers? The trainers are a big part of the workout. They push you, they motivate you, they’re always there to assist you, they’re there for modifications but mainly to hold you accountableso you want to push yourself and you want to make sure that you’re doing what you’re supposed to in order to  get to that next level of fitness.

What Does Metabolic Meltdown do for You Mentally? Being a part of Metabolic Meltdown is not only great physically but mentally. I look forward to seeing the people that I work out with every day. It’s not just a workout community but a family as well so that pushes me to come each day.

Will You Continue as A Member Here? I will continue to stay a member of Metabolic Meltdown because the workouts are different every day so each day is a different challenge and because of the people and most definitely the trainers. They are, as I said before, not just your trainers but they also become your friends and your family. I feel like every time I achieve a goal I can set a new one and then tackle that as well so you’re never plateauing. You’re always striving to get stronger, get better, faster, whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Would you Recommend Metabolic Meltdown? I recommend everyone I come in contact with to go to Metabolic because they ask me how I get the strength that I have (they always compliment me on my arms) and I always say Metabolic Meltdown. They’re usually a little scared when they hear the name or hear the workout but I always tell them that it’s for all fitness levels and that they will work with you and sooner than you know you’ll be at a place that you never thought that you could be.

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