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I've lost close to 65 pounds so you know, Ive made big changes from that human being I was a year ago.

What is Your Name and Occupation? Hi, my name is Monica Brady. I am forty-five years old and I’ve been working out at Metabolic for two years. My name is Keven Brady. I’m forty-six years old and I’ve been working out for just over a year Monica: Mostly, I’m a stay-at-home mom. I have three boys, they vary from four to fifteen. I’m also a hairdresser an actor and I fit this in five a.m. in the morning. If I don’t do it at 5am it just doesn’t get done so it’s all or nothing. Kevin: I am a web developer/consultant by trade and, for me I usually attend at the 7 a.m. class sometimes I’m going to bed when she’s getting but other than that having the flexibility to go to different classes has been really key, the noon class you know we’ll come in and do a lunch class or sometimes we can switch into an evening class as well so oftentimes because of our schedules and we’re running kids all over the place we do mix it up and, with permission, get to go to different class times.

How did you get introduced to Metabolic Meltdown. Monica: I had not really found anything to do since I had stopped running and about four years ago I was finding it difficult to kind of get the energy to get back into, I had had a baby and he was not a great sleeper so I wasn’t getting enough sleep and so I think it was close to two years when he turned in two years old and I was having a conversation with Kevin sister, Jennifer Bennett and she was just beaming about this new workout should found called Metabolic Meltdown and Jenny has always inspired me. She actually got me into running and to do a half marathon so here she is again talking about this wonderful thing she had come across and she was saying things like it has changed my life and the workout changes every single day you go in there and they know your name and they know your body and they know weights and she just talked it up so good and she looked amazing and she told me there was a free week of trial (laughs) so I was like what got to lose so I had to come and find out myself and I was hooked.
Kevin: Simple answer for me is my wife made me do it. The longer answer is I was turning forty-six at the time and my father had passed away at forty-six. He was 232 pounds I was 230 pounds and it was sort of like history repeating itself and I didn’t want to, as much as i love my father didn’t want to travel in those footsteps. So I started- I decided to make a conscious decision to get fit and at that point I didn’t really know how to do it, where to go and Monica introduced me to this that I should give it a try and I did and it’s been great. That previous year I went to see my doctor from a yearly physical and he wanted to put me back on Lipitor, he wanted to put me on hypertension medication, another medication three or four medications. I said well let me give it a go and flash forward a year later and there’s none of that so I didn’t want to recommend any medications wanted to know what I was doing, I told him Metabolic Meltdown and a few other things and it’s been great and that’s pretty much the path to got me here.

Monica: When he was turning 46, I got him a 24-day, the 24-day challenge. I was already at the gym and I knew he didn’t love gyms and so for his birthday I said I’m going to get you this. I will prepare your meals for you so by the time you turn forty-six you will have lost weight because I’ve been here in this great results with the guys and also on top of that he didn’t know that I got him some sessions to work out with one of the trainers here at the end of it so it got him through the door he lost his weight and gave him the confidence to keep going so when he did all that and he kept seeing results then he you had the confidence to come to Metabolic and you loved it, didn’t you?
Kevin: Yeah, and, let me add to that too is you know Monica alluded that you know I don’t like gyms I know traditionally. I haven’t ah I come from more than artsy background where you know my family is not very athletic. We played sports and what not but we weren’t very athletic. we were inclined to go to the gym or work out. On that token coming here is a completely different experience. You know I do love coming here, I do love many of the things, the aspects about coming here that to me are not a typical quote un quote-gym. Yeah for me, a lot of people ask me what are you doing, what if you change who made people haven’t seen in six months or so you know in that time I lost close to 65 pounds so, big changes from you know that human being that I was a year ago.

Talk About the Community Here At Metabolic. Monica: When I heard that you had to choose a time slot that was very hard in the beginning to kind of figure in when can I make that one time and make it a habit but what you find is by doing that you have the same faces in your group every day and it becomes like it’s like this meet-up and you start to know the names of the people and people you know you-you-got chatting to each other and becomes this community and-and it just becomes this familiar setting and you get to know each other on a deeper level you get to see each other getting stronger and you get to encourage each other. So it’s-it just really becomes this community and I never really got that from other gyms so this has been like the one place where I’ve experienced this and they’re such a positive group of people and everyone’s on their own journey there are different fitness levels but we-you get inspired and we encourage each other, you’ll get someone randomly come up and say you know keep going you’re inspiring me and you know we tried to like you know just to encourage each other and again we give you know it you might have tips you might see someone doing something and your like ‘that was awesome, how did you do that? what are you doing?. So like we pick each other’s brains and then that’s not even including the trainers here. I mean that’s a whole other story. I mean just the energy, the enthusiasm, the love they bring, it’s more than a job they’re really showing up and, they make you want to bring it. They encourage us and they’re just so they’re just so amazing and that you want to do your best when you step in here.

Kevin: yeah, and I was thinking about this the other day as well you know something I kind of talked about this with people where it’s kind of like surviving combat-and this is not to take anything away from real combat situation because there are active military personnel who do Metabolic Meltdown, but you know, all joking aside you know, you’re going through a 45-minute workout full body workout, that’s incredibly rigorous and stressful and you’re doing it with the same folks day in and day out on the same lines and when you get through that you know there’s no point in the workout usually for me right about the middle where I think oh my god I can’t take it anymore. I have to step out and then I realized I’m halfway through the workout I can probably get through this and the I do and everyone else is in the same boat, so if you’re doing that with the same folks over and over and time again you start to build that kind of you know combat friendship and it just it just solidifies it on a much deeper level.

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