Matt Phelps

As the founder of Metabolic Meltdown in 2008, Matt has assisted thousands of clients in their quest to lose weight, gain energy, and build strength. With fitness as his lifelong passion, Matt has a relentless drive to improve, an intense training style, and an authentic concern for his clients (particularly those who went to his alma mater, Siena College), all of which make him one of the top trainers in the Capital Region. Clients at the gym have a “love-hate” relationship with Matt, as many of them hate him during the workout, and love the way he makes them feel when they are done!

Lynsey Ciraulo

Known around the gym for her positive attitude, words of encouragement, and contagious energy, Lynsey is a sneaky trainer that will “kick your butt with a smile”! After spending years in the world of competitive cheerleading, Lynsey arrives at the gym at 4:30AM each morning to help setup for the day, and to teach our early morning classes. Those who have worked with Lynsey know that it is her genuine compassion for other human beings that make her a truly remarkable trainer.

Drew Smith

A former collegiate football star at the University at Albany who spent some time with the Buffalo Bills, Drew has been able to translate what made him into a great athlete, into a great trainer. Possessing an old school “lunch pail” work ethic to go along with a million dollar smile, Drew has a knack for making every client in his class feel welcome and appreciated. Drew is also known around the gym for being the best “DJ” of the bunch, and has the gym rocking with great music, making his classes full of energy and lots of fun!

Brian Abbele

An extremely well rounded trainer, Brian is in tune with his clients' needs and knows just the right buttons to push to get the most out of them. A fitness fanatic who has completed triathlons and a variety of other endurance events, Brian certainly practices what he preaches when he is not participating in one of the Metabolic Meltdown classes himself! Brian will always welcome you with a friendly greeting, and is sure to motivate, inspire, and guide you through an outstanding workout.

Gina Tedesco

A longtime Metabolic Meltdown client before becoming an instructor, Gina has a calm, positive demeanor that allows her clients to feel welcome, at ease, and encouraged through each session. Gina trains with an incredible amount of discipline and effort, and transfers this same work ethic into her own classes.

Will Harris

A master motivator, Will brings a ton of energy, intensity, and positive encouragement to all of his classes. After a long career of playing D1 and Professional Basketball overseas, this proud father of 2 takes great pride in bettering his mind, body, and soul with Metabolic Training. As Will always says, “say ‘NO’ to fatigue” and try one of his classes…you will be glad you did!

Christopher Fasano

We have all hear the terms “Renaissance Man” or “Jack of All Trades”, and Chris certainly fits that bill; to our knowledge, he is the only businessman who moonlights as a DJ, and has a Ph.D in Neuroscience, in the country. Chris began working out at Metabolic in September 2015 and believed in the program so much he has come on board to help the Metabolic Meltdown business grow across the Capital region and beyond. Chris will assist Matt in steering and growing the business. As we said, Chris is also a DJ in his off time, so you just might see him at a Metabolic near you spinning live for everyone working out!

Kirstie Harris

Kirstie is a critical component of our team; as our Business Manager, she is responsible for all of account management, while also serving as a liaison to the general public, answering emails, phone calls, and social media inquiries about our program. As Matt’s younger sister, Kirstie is also the most senior member of our staff, as she has known Matt since he was 3 years old!

Cara Phelps

Every team has a “glue person” that holds it together, and without a doubt, Cara holds that role. As the Director of Operations, Cara is the backbone of the entire operation. Cara makes sure that every location is equipped properly, and has everything it needs to operate at an optimal level for our clients. In addition to her responsibilities within each facility, Cara is also our Director of Apparel, and produces all of the trendy new gear for our clients to workout in!

Kate Parsons

A former record setting hammer thrower at SUNY-Oneonta, Kate brings the same intensity she brought in Track & Field, to her classes. Kate is a workout fanatic, and would spend the whole day training if she could! You will want to work hard for Kate, as she provides a ton of energy, motivation, and great music at all of her classes.

James Wilson

We only hire trainers that genuinely care about our clients, and the results they get; James Wilson embodies this and then some. As a former collegiate point guard at The College of Saint Rose, James was known for his relentless work ethic, unselfish disposition, and for making his teammates better. James has not changed a bit since his playing days, and when you take one of James’ classes, you will sense his passion for your success, whether you have never worked out a day in your life, or are a professional athlete.

Jordan Martin

You will not find a bigger fitness fanatic than in our youngest staff member, Jordan Martin. Displaying a maturity beyond his years, Jordan is known around the gym for his love for fitness, whether it is performing one of his incredibly difficult callisthenic exercises, or helping others get the most out of their physical ability and reaching their goals. A gifted motivator, this former collegiate basketball player has a focused intensity in his coaching style hat will make you “get one more”.

Kelsey McDonald

Kelsey is a competitor, and this former Union College basketball player shows the same fire in her coaching that she did as a player. We often teach our trainers to “not accept anything less than the client’s best” and Kelsey has taken this to heart. Whether you are a professional athlete or a grandparent, Kelsey will extract the best of your ability during each training session. It is her attention to detail, and her passion to help others that make Kelsey’s classes a terrific fitness experience.

Rhakeem Wiggins

Passion. Energy. Enthusiasm. These are qualities that Rhakeem embodies as a person, and carries over into his training style. A former sprinter and football player at the University at Albany, if you take a class with “Rocket,” you will have fun, laugh at his unique motivational phrases, work hard, and can be ensured that you are using the correct technique on every exercise. The ultimate team player, Rhakeem truly cares about every member of the gym, not only as clients, but most importantly, as people.

Manny Hernandez

When we make hires to our staff, we always ask if applicant are “bout that life”. Manny is a workout fanatic, and whenever he is not sharing his passion with our Metabolic Meltdown community, or taking class himself, he is “clanging and banging” in the weight room, or reading about anything related to fitness. A former star basketball player both at Lynchburg College and in the professional ranks in Mexico and Germany, Manny has a blue-collar work ethic that becomes infectious to everyone around him.

Tyler Hammett

One of the things that make Tyler a great trainer is that his heart is as big as his wingspan. This former Molloy College basketball player displays an enormous desire to help others learn proper technique, work hard in the gym, and improve self-esteem. As a staff, we like to say we are only as strong as our weakest link; with more “links” like Tyler, we can be rest assured that the Metabolic Meltdown chain is growing stronger than ever.

Josh Swearingen

Josh comes to us with an extensive background in private training. Always greeting clients with an enormous, warm smile, Josh is known for his ability to implement proper training technique in his classes. This Alfred State graduate plays Rugby is his free time, and is passionate about all things related to physical fitness. When you are in this Central New Yorker’s class, you can be rest assured that you will leave the gym feeling better than when you walked in the door.

Shauna Alderman

Every team has key components behind its success, and Shauna fits that bill on our team. Putting her Master’s Degree in Organizational Management to use, Shauna serves as our Account Manager for our Colonie and Delmar locations. Shauna is extremely passionate about fitness, hip hop, and Harry Potter movies. A diehard Giants and Yankees fan, Shauna is excited to be part of a company that is improving the quality of people’s lives.

Ryan Gifford

A former collegiate lacrosse player at Hartwick College, Ryan is one of the friendliest trainers you will ever come across. We all have bad days, but after meeting Ryan, his permanent smile will leave you wondering if he ever has one. Ryan loves to travel, vacation on the beach with a cold drink in hand, and cheer on his New York Yankees, New York Jets, and New York Rangers. A triplet, Ryan enjoys creating videos of places he has traveled, and of course, working out at Metabolic Meltdown in his spare time.

Gabby Montemage

This Buffalo, NY native is an avid Bills fan, and is a former cheerleader for the NFL team. Gabby loves to travel, enjoys Five Guys burgers for her cheat meals, and is passionate about helping all Metabolic Meltdown members reach their fitness goals. Fluent in French, and mom to a cat named “Reese”, Gabby hopes to climb all 46 peaks in the Adirondack Mountains one day.

Tim O'Connor

A graduate of Fordham University, where he majored in Biology and played collegiate baseball, Tim is a very hard working, compassionate trainer that will always look for your best effort. The loving father of a Long Haired German Shepherd named Kona, Tim has a twin sister, Kelsey, who is “Metaddicted” at our Colonie, NY location. This Guilderland, NY native enjoys cheat meals, the New York Yankees, Miami Dolphins, and drawing is his spare time. Tim will always help you achieve your current goals, and set new ones!

Max Fischer

Known as the “calisthenics guy” for his amazing feats of strength between classes (it is not uncommon to see Max practicing “human flags” or performing “muscle ups”), Max embodies the phrase “bout that life”. Max lives for fitness, and after spending any length of time with him, it is very obvious that that is where his passion lies. After spending 7 years wrestling throughout his childhood and high school years, Max enlisted in the Navy, serving 4 years protecting our great nation. Max does a lot of reading about personal development in his free time, and wants EVERY client to become the best version of himself/herself that he/she can be. When you take one of Max’s classes, you will receive a high energy experience from “the calisthenics guy”….but more than that you will receive a great workout from someone who CARES.

Sarah Clift

When Sarah joined our staff, we not only gained a great employee, but also another trainer who can do a standing backflip (besides the legendary Lynsey Ciraulo). Sarah has a long history of both competing in, and coaching, women’s gymnastics. An EMT in her free time, this Bethlehem, NY native graduated from Stonehill College with a B.S. in Biology. Always staying active, Sarah enjoys paddle boarding, ice climbing, and wake boarding for fun. An ideal day off for Sarah would entail Coffee Oreo Ice Cream on Cape Cod! Sarah is very close with her siblings, and loves to visit her brother in Colorado or her sister in California. What Sarah lacks in stature, she makes up for in her genuine desire to see you get into the best shape of your life.

Bobby Gallant

Born and raised in Scotia, NY, Bobby is a former collegiate athlete at SUNY-Oneonta, where he ran the 800m in Track & Field. Always dressed to impress, and quick to greet all of our clients with a big smile, Bobby came to us to pursue his dream of a career in the fitness industry after landing a job in finance right out of college. A self described homebody, Bobby enjoys quality time with friends and family, especially if it involves his favorite cheat meal: a burger with the works and a fried egg on top! Bobby’s passion for fitness is obvious, and whether you are working out next to him in class, or in his class, his drive to see you excel will push you to the next level.

Celine Bouvier

This recent graduate of St. Lawrence University grew up in Montreal, Quebec. A self proclaimed “international relations and United Nations nerd”, Celine has a heart of gold, and a genuine level of compassion for all of the clients at the gym. An active OCB/WNBF bikini competitor, Celine is an only child, loves traveling alone, and has a soft spot for Greek food. Whether you are working out next to Celine in a Metabolic Meltdown class, or taking one of the classes she teaches, you are sure to have a memorable fitness experience!

Morgan Duke

Despite her youth, Morgan possesses a maturity beyond her years, and demands the best out of all of our clients. A recent graduate of Siena College, Morgan enjoys fishing, boating, jet-sking, and consuming sour patch kids in her spare time. A self professed sneaker head with a penchant for shopping, Morgan has a 5 year old Great Dane named Blu, and loves what she does for a living as she is in a position to really make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Rhakeem Wiggins

Passion. Energy. Enthusiasm. These are qualities that Rhakeem embodies as a person, and carries over into his training style. A former sprinter and football player at the University at Albany, if you take a class with “Rocket,” you will have fun, laugh at his unique motivational phrases, work hard, and can be ensured that you are using the correct technique on every exercise. The ultimate team player, Rhakeem truly cares about every member of the gym, not only as clients, but most importantly, as people.

Kayla Kennedy

Kayla has an “intense style” with a smile, which allows her to immediately connect with our clients. A lover of Peanut Butter Cup Deluxe ice cream, this proud native of Troy, NY transformed her body, improved her strength, and found a career at Metabolic Meltdown. Kayla loves spending summer days on the lake, and when she is not watching her beloved NY Giants, she is hanging out with her Boston Terrier, Bentley.

Alison Polock

Ali was a 4 year member of the Monmouth University Women’s Lacrosse team, where she earned her B.S. in Health Studies. The owner of a 6 year old American Bulldog, Moe, Ali loves snowboarding, golfing, and hiking when she can. Her family is incredibly important to her, and she is excited to live closer to her 3 older sibling, and 9 nieces & nephews. A big NY Giants fan, Ali loves a nice meal out, followed by tons of shopping. A former collegiate lacrosse coach, Ali utilizes these skills in her classes, getting the most out of all of our clients in a powerful, encouraging way.

Angie Mifsud

A graduate of Iona College, Angie is a former Division I volleyball player who loves leading an active lifestyle. On a typical weekend, if she is not swimming, kayaking, or hiking, Angie is most likely enjoying her favorite cheat meal of pepperoni pizza and boneless BBQ wings. Someone who always cheers for the underdog in sports, Angie is fluent in Spanish, loves Latin American culture, and has 4 siblings. Angie is a detail oriented, active trainer that will always enforce proper exercise technique, with a smile!

Alyssa O'Connor

Alyssa is an extremely passionate trainer that puts her heart and soul into our clients. Alyssa has 3 half marathons under her belt, and has even completed a full marathon in Paris, France, in 2016. A diehard NY Giants fan, Alyssa will never turn down pizza as a cheat meal, and loves cooking and baking in her spare time. The proud parent of 3 cats, Alyssa is proud to have a career where she can utilize her B.S. in Exercise Science from SUNY-Fredonia.

Rebecca Fischer

A huge animal lover, Becca actively competes in the sport of Schutzhund with her German Shepherd, Rogue. Becca is an avid fitness fanatic, who loves spending time working on her boat on Lake George, and eating Pizza Pockets for a nice cheat meal. Becca has 2 labs, Jack & Charlie, and is known for her passionate, attentive coaching style in the gym.

Tim O'Connor

A graduate of Fordham University, where he majored in Biology and played collegiate baseball, Tim is a very hard working, compassionate trainer that will always look for your best effort. The loving father of a Long Haired German Shepherd named Kona, Tim has a twin sister, Kelsey, who is “Metaddicted” at our Colonie, NY location. This Guilderland, NY native enjoys cheat meals, the New York Yankees, Miami Dolphins, and drawing is his spare time. Tim will always help you achieve your current goals, and set new ones!

Samantha Scoons

A native of Latham, NY, Sam absolutely loves pushing her clients to new heights, and taking them to places they have never been. Sam is an excellent motivator, and is extremely passionate about seeing every client give their best in each and every class. As greeting clients with a huge smile, Sam loves pizza, drawing in her spare time, and really wants to take a trip out West, to California. Sam absolutely loves the Metabolic workout “Ascending” but has a deep disdain for “Chaos”.

Melissa Bell

Born and raised in Troy, NY, Melissa first became introduced to Metabolic Training as a client, when she used it as her primary training style to finish in the top 3 in her first bikini competition in the spring of 2017. The oldest of 4 siblings, Melissa brings a passion to her job that is matched by her love of the “community feel” we have at Metabolic Meltdown. Possessing a huge sweet tooth, Melissa can be won over by a large pizza with wings on the side while she watches her favorite NBA team play, the Boston Celtics. Melissa likes the constant pace of “Triangle” and feels that template gives her the most effective workout, and she fears “Feast” because those :90 rounds are no joke!

Sue Yzquierdo

Originally from Orange County, NY, Sue brings such a special presence to the Metabolic Meltdown community. Since her father wouldn’t allow her to go to school for musical theater, Sue possess a Bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV/Film Production. Sue has a soft spot in her heart for ice cream from Snowman’s, in Troy, NY, and loves going on different adventures at restaurants/bars in Montreal and NYC.



Metabolic Meltdown has established itself as reliable purveyor of wellness, helping thousands of people live a more healthy, happy life. Through its awards winning metabolic training workouts, personalized nutritional coaching program, and engaging wellness content, Metabolic Meltdown challenges the bodies and minds of all it comes across, and teaches them the tools to live a more healthy, happy life.

The wellness industry is growing at a remarkable rate backed by an ever growing consumer base of people looking to better their lives both mentally and physically. The industry is growing at 10% per year and studies suggest wellness popularity is at an all time high. What started as a nice perk for employees, corporate wellness programs have become common amongst most mid to small size companies. The success of these wellness programs is well documented, backed by hundreds of published research papers. A robust wellness program can give employees incentives, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Metabolic Meltdown is happy to provide the following Corporate Wellness Services:

  • Corporate Membership Rates: Serving the capital district with 5 facilities, Metabolic Meltdown offers its award winning training program with 10 sessions every weekday and a reduced load on Saturdays. Contact us for reduced membership rates for your business!
  • Corporate Nutritional Coaching Rates: Through its personalized, highly interactive nutritional “Macro Coaching” program, clients receive advice and guidance on their food consumption resulting in fat loss, an increase in lean muscle, and enhanced self-confidence. In addition to this, clients are given the tools on how to sustain this lifestyle beyond the length of the 8 week-program. Contact us for reduced rates for your business!
  • Onsite Training Sessions: With over 25 certified trainers in staff, Metabolic Meltdown can provide an onsite training session for a group of employees offered as a “one-off” class or on an ongoing schedule basis.
  • Onsite Nutritional Macro Coaching Seminar: Using an interactive powerpoint presentation, a member of our team will come on site and deliver a presentation about general nutritional wellness info, our macro coaching program, and how everyone can benefit.
  • Private Group Training Session: For those interested in bringing a team over to one of our locations for a metabolic training session we can work together on a day and time to accomplish this.
  • Corporate Wellness Days/Retreats: For those looking to hold a company retreat, convention, or wellness day/event, Metabolic Meltdown can help create a fun, engaging, and educational wellness program.
  • Motivational/Educational Talks: From certified personal trainers to neuroscientists, Metabolic Meltdown employs a team of incredible knowledge and passion for physical and mental health, and with years of speaking experience can deliver a passionate, inspiring talk for your team.
  • Custom Wellness Program: If you are looking to create or spruce up your current wellness program, Metabolic Meltdown can help you instil a culture of wellness through a customized wellness program with a range of different services.

Please contact Christopher Fasano for rates and more information.



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